Southwest Winnipeg Ringette Association oversees the game of Ringette for the catchments of South Winnipeg C.C, Fort Garry C.C, Corydon C.C and Varsity View C.C . We are the second largest association in the city of Winnipeg and continue to provide a high quality program for girls of all ages to enjoy.


The SWRA AGM will be held on May 9th at 7:30 pm. It will be held at the Fort Garry Community Center. Everyone is welcome and we hope to see you all there!

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WEDNESDAY | JANUARY 9 | 2019 SPORTS THE SOU’WESTER 13 Enjoying sport for the fun of it
  Troy Westwood
Ella Vincent is a 17-year-old Grade 12 student at Kelvin High School.
Mature beyond her years, she is very well spoken and ex- citing times await her as she approaches graduation, hopeful to attend the University of Manitoba next year.
“I am doing pretty well in school this year so I’m happy about that. I would say that math or science would be my favourite subjects,” she says. “In math and science I like how there is typically one correct answer.”
Ask Ella which sport she loves and the correct answer is: ringette.
“I have played ringette for nine years. I play forward for the U19A St. James Jets,” she says. “I really enjoy being a part of the team and I really enjoy how challenging the game can be. Each year there are changes to our team, but the majority of our team’s core is girls that I have played with before. We have a real good group of girls.”
Ella made the all-star team this year and participated in the Winnipeg Ringette League’s 10th annual all-star games and skills competition on Dec. 29 at Seven Oaks Arena.
Ella said she really enjoyed the festivities.
“Overall it was a real cool experience. They announced our
names as we took to the ice. Seeing all the younger players there watching was pretty cool.”
Ella lives in River Heights with her dad Matt, mom Kim and brother Tyler.
“My family has been awesome in their support of me for all of the sports I have enjoyed playing. I got my driver’s licence a year-and-a-half ago and that really helps. I am able to take my parents’ car and pick up teammates now.
“I am very thankful for that.”
Ella enjoys being active year-round and hopes to be for many years to come.
“I play soccer and ultimate Frisbee as well. I want to keep playing all the sports I like as I get older.”
Ella thinks it’s important for everyone who enjoys sports to stay involved with the games they love.
“Keep going with it. If you enjoy the sport you are playing, keep going with it, not only as a player but as an official or as a coach as well,” she said. “Being involved is a really good thing.”
Former Winnipeg Blue Bombers kicker Troy Westwood is co-host of The Big Show, every weekday morning from 6 to 10 a.m. on TSN 1290 radio. He writes about Winnipeg’s unsung sports heroes every other week in the Canstar Community News weeklies. If you know of an athlete whose story Troy should tell, contact him at:
Supplied photo
Ringette player Ella Vincent recently took part in the Winnipeg Ringette League’s all-star games and skills competition.

Tournament Results

Congratulations to the $ SWRA girls and the rest of the Macdonald Wildfire team who won Bronze at Westerns as the U16A team Manitoba! The 4 SWRA girls are Kristine Garrioch, Anna Kulchycki, Kylea Buchanan, and Krya Hodges. Special shoutout to Kylea Buchanan who was named as a defence all star for the U16A division!

Photo of MacDonald Wildfire who won gold in provincials and will attend Westerns as Team Manitoba (the 4 SWRA players are Anna Kulchycki, Kyra Hodges, Kristine Garrioch and Kylea Buchanan).

Congratulations to U16A – bronze medal winners at Westerns. 

The Captains are the Open 1 Champions in the 2018 WRL Playoffs.

The U12A4 Fort Garry Tigers won silver in the 2018 WRL Playoffs

Varsity View Falcons gold medalists of U12A-3  2018


Congratulations to the Swra U14 Wild  for winning the Gold medal at the Jim Benning Tornament in Regina.



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